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Auto 2000 BSD

Type: Showroom & Gallery

Toyota is one of the biggest and boldest leading brands in the automotive industry, with countless showrooms across the world. Therefore, for Indonesia, Liquid wanted to create a showroom that creates a nuance between technology and the environment, both of which Toyota deeply cares for.

Auto 2000 BSD

For its pilot project, AUTO 2000 puts its trust in us to make not just a regular showroom but also a recreational spot with coffee corners and entertainment spots that people can hang out at in the suburban city of BSD, which is full of young people and families with their children.

Frame 150

The idea was to build a showroom that has a futuristic and modern atmosphere for visitors, hence our use of bright, luxurious materials. We also used edgeless, unsymmetrical designs in the display area so that the showroom looks smoother and more eye-catching. But to make it look warmer, we incorporated wood and other natural materials in the waiting room area to give a comfortable impression to the customers.

Frame 151