We dig deeper into detail to inquire about the needs and wants of your desired space drawings and requests.
The research gathered will then be conceptualized and formed into design possibilities.
We create precise layout to locate the exact placement for furniture and equipments.
We explore options of personalized design options to produce a pleasing result.
The estimation of finance for the overall project is calculated.
A very detailed timeline is created to keep everything on schedule and cost on track.
Constraction is started and must be made with constant communication with the contractor. Site visits are often made for quality control.
Project handover is done upon compliance with technical drawing and specifications approved.
Service provided to ensure client satisfaction.

scope of work

Our One Stop Solutions services packages for your interior space includes exclusive interior designs, efficient project management, quality interior fitting, supply furniture complementing your needs, intricate mechanical and electrical, signage, security system and advanced audiovisual.

line of business

We specialize in a line of business which translates to our vision for quality living by providing various aspect of services including office interior, showroom and gallery, food & beverage, hotel, serviced apartment, education, boutique and sport centre.