Allow us to share a little bit about what we do.

We started our humble beginnings as PT Satyamas Indoraya where our main services focuses in answering the needs for quality interior design. Along our work processes, we realized the higher demand for an optimal design and build service encompassing a design consultancy and construction within one roof. Our very intricate scale for quality interior products motivated us to build our custom manufacturing workshop tailoring exactly to your needs.

We ensure we take a closer look into your requests and take you away from the hassle and time consuming aspect of jumping from one vendor to the next.


We created our company on the values of creating a service and product that gives you a memorable lifetime experience. In order to achieve this objective we make our processes very transparent and promote every aspect of efficiency. We ensure to you by leaving your dream project in our hands each step is done comfortably as if you are taken care by a good friend.


Our future vision is to become a global leader in the field of design and build interior services.



We constantly strive to create unique spaces with the advances of technology by working with professional, reliable, and innovative partners who value enjoyment and fun in their work.