The Benefits of Effective Office Design

19 Feb 2018
An office can become much more than a place to work. The right office design can be truly transformative across a range of areas within a business, changing not only how you present yourself but also increase...
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Lighting Size and Placement Guide

18 Jan 2018
How Large Should Your Fixture Be ? When deciding on the size of your fixture, the primary factor to consider is THE AVAILABLE SIZE In The Center Of A Room Measure the length and width of the room and those...
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How To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

10 Jan 2018
Ceilings are not exactly the main detail that you pay attention to when you first enter a house, but they do have a major impact in maintaining a sense of freedom and space. Everybody knows that these...
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Krida 6

Creating a Greener Office

22 Dec 2017
Creating a greener office may be good for the planet and reducing energy costs, but it’s not always comfortable for the employees. A company trying to be green and  save money by reducing Air Conditions...
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Workplace Design Trends: Make Way for The Millennials

12 Feb 2018
  Driven by changing work styles, mobile technology, and the growing presence of Millennials, today’s workplaces are changing, mostly for the better. We examine the top office design trends.  ...
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Inspiring Office Meeting Rooms Reveal Their Playful Designs

04 Feb 2018
Creating a pleasant meeting environment and having an office design that makes everyone feel comfortable has a lot to do with the way a meeting goes and how it is perceived. Some offices have decided to...
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Offices That Feel More Like a Home Than a Workspace

22 Jan 2018
Spotlighting cosy offices that blur the boundaries between work and home, from rooms modelled on Airbnb apartments to a workplace featuring a black-painted napping room. Aiming to create an intimate workspace...
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Why More Millennials Are Flocking To Shared Office Spaces

05 Jan 2018
Why Millennials Love Shared Office Spaces ? A shared office space (or “coworking” space) is an abstractly defined location where individuals from multiple businesses can engage in work. So how are...
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Exploring the Hottest Office Design Trends of 2018

22 Dec 2017
This evolving landscape of the workplace requires innovative thinking. Staying ahead of the curve is just as important in attracting top talent as it is keeping your existing workforce and working with...
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Modular Seating in 2017

05 Dec 2017
Flexibility. A word you hear often in the world of workplace design. We all need furniture that adapts to our changing environments, especially in a busy office space. Modular seating is great because...
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True Money – Playful and Cozy Office

02 Feb 2018
The one office trend on every employee list in 2017? To have a playful and cozy working environment that can boost productivity. True Money, one of the emerging E-money companies, agrees. They came to...
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Altitude Grill – Interior Restaurant Facelift 2017

05 Dec 2017
There are a lot of ways to create mysterious ambience for a decorative design. You can find your true pleasure when you see your imagination comes alive. We’re so pleased to see the new Altitude Grill,...
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