Altitude Grill - Interior Restaurant Facelift 2017

Published on Dec 5, 2017

There are a lot of ways to create mysterious ambience for a decorative design. You can find your true pleasure when you see your imagination comes alive. We’re so pleased to see the new Altitude Grill, designed by us!



Our client wants this restaurant gets a facelift in 30 days, which we consider as a great challenge that we love the most! Using “Mysteriously Modern” as our first brief, we wanted to create something different yet hiding some parts as the mystery gimmick. We ended up developing geometric cages for the structure.

Carpet flooring in the restaurant has been knocked down to provide a more spacious area, and a lick of geometrical tiles gives the restaurant that modern casual feel. There is a fine line that connects the structure and the tiles, since they are developed based on geometrical style.

Another big change is the drawing. What was quite a dull drawing which was relatively uninviting is now being played with flood lights to give a fantastic ambiance of the whole restaurant.

We succeed to manage the timeline in 30 days. We consider it as the greatest 30 days of our lifetime. The new look has become minimalist, while the ambience is getting a bit casual than before, especially on the evening where we can play a lot with colourful dimmed lamp combines with city lights on the outside, a true romantic scene for its high-end customers. The room looks more spacious and retains the exclusive theme and dark colors that give it a touch of elegance. Hope you enjoy your time at the brand-new Altitude Grill!