True Money - Playful and Cozy Office

Published on Feb 2, 2018

The one office trend on every employee list in 2017? To have a playful and cozy working environment that can boost productivity. True Money, one of the emerging E-money companies, agrees.

They came to us asked if we have some ideas to make their team member feel cozy at work and it has something to do with their office design. After a lengthy discussion, we came out with 5 principles : Modern, Compact, Functional, Fun and Homey. We must add modern touch because of the team members is consisting of millennials. Since the space is not so big, we have to think about compact furnitures without putting aside its functionality. We managed to create a playful communal area and discussion spot to help them feel relax and homey to avoid stressful circumstances during work.

True Money said that they were satisfied with the work we have put in, . In result, True Money has become the Top 5 E-Money Provider in Indonesia within 3 months.