How To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

Published on Jan 10, 2018

Ceilings are not exactly the main detail that you pay attention to when you first enter a house, but they do have a major impact in maintaining a sense of freedom and space. Everybody knows that these are vital if you want to create that particularly welcoming feeling! A room with low ceilings may give you the impression of living in a small bird cage.

Talking about some useful tips about the psychological effects, it is said that low ceilings often provide a low state of mind. But this is another story. What we know for sure is that they were always a challenge for interior designers.


Be careful what kind of furniture you choose

Usually, when we choose the furniture, we tend to make decisions based on appearance, without considering functionality. Low profile furniture is perfectly designed for low ceiling spaces, because it increases the space between the ceiling and the floor, making the space feel more spacious and breezy.


Use glass walls or floor to ceiling windows

Just like a mirror, glass has the property of reflecting things around. That’s why a glass wall or a large window will increase the sense of space and will also provide natural daylight. Brighter is always better, especially in terms of interior design.


Raise doors to ceiling height

Generally speaking, interior doors have almost the same size. A floor to ceiling door may seem strange at first. However, we must admit that this is a brilliant idea to create the illusion of a generous space.

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Paint the ceiling  lighter than the walls

Lighter ceilings create an imposing effect and shape the illusion of a large and bright space. A dark colored floor will also do the trick!

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Avoid using pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are specially designed for high ceilings, mainly because they make the ceiling look closer to the floor. If you have low ceilings, we advise you to use flush mounted lighting, even though these may not have such an alluring design.

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Use a bold floor

If people can’t be impressed by your ceiling, draw their attention with a bold floor. Try to keep the interest at the floor level by using different kind of patterns.