Inspiring Office Meeting Rooms Reveal Their Playful Designs

Published on Feb 4, 2018

Creating a pleasant meeting environment and having an office design that makes everyone feel comfortable has a lot to do with the way a meeting goes and how it is perceived. Some offices have decided to give a playful twist to this particular area and the designs they now feature are some of the most inspiring you can find.


Red Bull Office.



The employees at the Red Bull office in Mexico City give meeting an informal feel. Their meeting area has swings and bean bag chairs and is defined by a faux grass carpet. This is actually a very refreshing spot, connected to the rest of the work spaces and also great when used as a hang out area. This playful meeting space was designed by SPACE


Resignation Media.



Some office meeting rooms can look cheerful without needing any unconventional features. Such is the case of the Resignation Media office by Chioco Design. The office is located in Austin, Texas and, after a complete building renovation, includes a bright and open meeting area centered around a long table surrounded by stylish armchairs of different colors.


Zamness office.


The Zamness office in Barcelona occupies an area of 300 square meters and is mostly designed as an open space. The glazed facade fills all the areas with natural light creating a bright and suitable work environment. Yellow was chosen at an accent color. You can see it on some of the walls in the meeting room where it emphasizes the bold nature of the décor. The design was a project by Nook Architects.






When designing the Airbnb offices in Dublin, architect Henegan Peng chose to organize the space into several different nooks and pods. The individual pods which are used as meeting rooms were designed to incorporate all sorts of interesting features from around the world. They each have glass walls on two sides, this connecting them to the rest of the office.


Fairphone Head Office.


Sustainability is very important for Fairphone company, their head office in Amsterdam was a project by Melinda Delst Interior Design and definitely reflects this detail. Covering a surface of 1300 square meters, the office offers beautiful views, has an open plan and features a variety of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Reclaimed wood and glass, for example, form the cube-shaped meeting area.


Autogasco Headquarters.


An eye-catching design can be achieved using very simple strategies. The Autogasco Headquarters by Nicolas Maino Gaete is located in Chile incorporates a metal and glass meeting area designed as a separate volume inside the open plan. The glass walls are decorated with a random geometric pattern of intersecting lines.




The main piece of furniture inside the meeting room of Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco is a custom made table with a metal frame which also incorporates six chairs. The rounded base allows this whole piece to be used as a large swing. This unusual idea was applied here by Lundberg Design.


Fifty Three Inc.


The meeting room is a space where creativity and inspiration should take over, a space where new ideas are born and where concepts come to reality. The design and décor of this space should all of that possible and natural. The Fifty Three office in New York by +ADD uses walnut wood, blackened steel and concrete, a combination which seems to work in this case. The meeting room also has long curtains able to provide privacy when needed.




The largest It company Yandex has a representative office in Kazan. Situated on the 16th floor of the Suvar Plaza business center, the office is divided into a series of functional zones including separate work areas, a lecture hall as well as two meeting rooms. A meeting nook can serve as a private relaxation nook thanks to its pleasant and fresh design.








The Dropbox office in San Francisco was a project by Boor Bridges Architecture and Geremia Interior Design. Their goal was to create a fresh work environment infused with green features and designed to maximize functionality. The meeting rooms are simple and generally centered around a theme such as Back To The Future or designed with chalkboard walls.


Grupo CP.




The largest It company Yandex has a representative office in Kazan. Situated on the 16th floor of the Suvar Plaza business center, the office is divided into a series of functional zones including separate work areas, a lecture hall as well as two meeting rooms. A meeting nook can serve as a private relaxation nook thanks to its pleasant and fresh design.


Jakarta Praise Community Church.



A colorful geometric approach was used by the team at SPACE when designing the Grupo CP office in Mexico City. Organized on three levels, the office incorporates a vestibule, a lobby, a series of open areas, private rooms, conference spaces, dining areas as well as informal meeting zones. Each of these spaces has a distinct design and uses different colors and defining geometric shapes.


Leo Burnett HQ.




For the Leo Burnett headquarters in Hong Kong the best word to describe its interior would be “simple”. The design was created to Bean Buro and uses industrial features to its advantage. The meeting area, in this case, has a rather formal design. However, this doesn’t make it uninviting. It actually gives the space an elegant allure.


CDS Offices.



Aiming at a sophisticated and elegant look, the team at Bakoko came up with a unique design for the meeting nook created for the CDS Offices in Tokyo. The round central meeting room features a timber frame which wraps around it and spirals up to the ceiling adding drama to the space. A round table occupies the center of the room.


Red Cross Blood offices.


Housed within the shell of a 1920s warehouse, the Melbourne Processing Center for the Red Cross Blood Processing Service rejuvenates the building with its modern and stylish design. Using an old building for this project allowed the organization to follow a sustainable design. Transparency is also important. Areas such as the meeting room have glass walls which allow them to overlook the laboratories and the rest of the spaces. All of this was a project by At Design Inc.




At Zendesk, hospitality is a defining feature. Their headquarters in San Francisco is envisioned as a large residence where everyone feels like a family. The space was designed by Blitz Architecture with the ground floor containing the reception area and the basement level housing a series of individual work nooks and casual meeting spaces. A vertical moss wall connects the two floors.




In 2013, Estudio Guro Requena designed the Walmart office in Sao Paulo. The design was created after conducting research and interviews in order to determine the values, needs and expectations of the employees. Each of the five floors uses a different type of wood and feels welcoming, comfortable and informal. Yellow, orange, blue and green are the accent colors used throughout.




The most beautiful thing about the meeting room inside the Loft Office by Jvantspijker is the roof garden. The office is located in Rotterdam and the meeting room we’re talking about is a transparent glass box with a light and bright design and a staircase attached to the exterior which leads up to the green garden.


Hudson Rouge New York.




A space where you can write on walls and pin stuff to them is what a meeting room should be like if you want it to offer inspiration and to stimulate creativity. The Hudson Rouge New York ad agency has an office which reflects this very idea. This meeting room couldn’t be more lovely. This was a project by M Moser Associates.


Scope office.



The largest It company Yandex has a representative office in Kazan. Situated on the 16th floor of the Suvar Plaza business center, the office is divided into a series of functional zones including separate work areas, a lecture hall as well as two meeting rooms. A meeting nook can serve as a private relaxation nook thanks to its pleasant and fresh design.


Heavybit Industries.


The ceiling is the focal point of attention in the case of the Heavybit Industries office in San Francisco. The office was designed by Iwamotoscott. The challenge was to transform a former warehouse into a workspace. The client wanted to retain the industrial character of the building and to also emphasize the vintage accents. This was done by playing with contrasts and the design of the ceiling is the best feature to describe this.


Fujitsu Oceania Headquarters.


The Fujitsu Oceania Headquarters is located in Sydney and is a space of 9,000 square meters organized on nine floors, designed by Woods Bagot. The company’s Japanese heritage is subtly referenced throughout the office through elements such as folded graphic motifs or the layering of timbers. The meeting rooms are designed with smoked oak timber cladding and have a graphical design.




Microsoft’s San Francisco office was designed in collaboration with Fennie+MEHL Architects and its role at that time was to serve as a space where the company’s innovators could work with specialists in order to create new and unexpected product designs. The challenge was transforming a brick and timber building into the inspirational collaborative office you see here.


Conde Nast Entertainment Office.



There are several different types of meeting rooms in the Conde Nast Entertainment Office. Located in New York and designed by TGP Architecture, the office has more than 20 conference rooms spread out over three floors, each with their own style and character, ranging from mid-century modern elegance to playful contemporary charm.


u2i office.


Located in Krakow, Poland and designed by Morpho Studio the u2i office’s meeting room definitely knows how to be stylish. The beauty of this spaces comes from the use of the wallpaper, the lovely earthy color of the carpet and the combination of dark green and yellow office chairs arranged around the white table. The framed whiteboards bring the whole design together.


D&B Cloud Innovation Center.


Using wood in an interior design in order to create a warm, pleasant and inviting ambiance is a common practice and a strategy that was also used by Evoke International Design when developing the new Vancouver offices of the D&B Cloud Innovation Center. A palette of textured hickory wood paneling was used throughout the space as a way to create a contrast in combination with the polished concrete floors.


Dentsu office.


Size is not necessarily what makes a space stand out and this is exactly what this small meeting room inside the Dentsu Office shows. The office is located in India and was designed by Praxis. The textured exposed stone wall and its curvature give the room character while the framed artwork connects it to the rest of the office by means of color.


Dropbox New York.


A similar design strategy was used in the case of the Dropbox offices in New York City. This was a project by STUDIOS which uses exposed brick and wooden flooring to its advantage. The meeting room is organized as a casual space similar to a residential living room.




The Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco is a huge and inspiring space. It was a project by Schwartz and Architecture in collaboration with All of the Above and First Office. It combines casualness with functionality is a great way, using neutral colors, bold accents and contrasting materials.